We Provide a Variety of Customized Sterile Prescriptions

Our customers want to know that the environment in which their medications are compounded is clean. Our commitment goes beyond providing a “sterile” environment – we are proud to have a facility that is not only clean, but precise with regard to procedures, compounding techniques and preparations, lab and environmental testing. After all, Neil’s Compounding Pharmacy offers a variety of customized sterile medication options, including injectable medications, inhalations and ophthalmics (drops and ointment for the treatment of eyes).

Preparing Your Medications:

We’ve created a laboratory for our compounding procedures that meets the strict regulatory standards for your medication preparations. In order to meet the standards, we are continually testing our finished products, adhering to strict cleaning and maintenance procedures, coordinating outside certifications of equipment, monitoring our environmental microbiology and particle counts and establishing strict routines for grooming and dressing upon entering the lab.

Some of the sterile products we offer:

  • Preservative free eye drops
  • Drops: ear, nasal and eye
  • Injectables: subcutaneous, intravenous, intra muscular
  • Sprays: inhalers, oral and topical ear