A Family Business that Cares About its Community

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Neil's Compounding Pharmacy is a second generation family-owned pharmacy, with a 66-year history of delivering excellent personal service. Walt Neil, RPh. and LeRoux VanDyk RPh., as members of Professional Compounding Centers of America, have advanced training in sterile compounding, Natural Hormone Replacement Therapy, nutrition, and other specialties.

Our compounding specialists work daily with physicians and patients to customize medications to meet their individual needs. We are able to prepare a drug that is no longer commercially available, change medicine from a pill form to a transdermal cream, prepare special dosings and flavorings for children and pets, and prepare medication in the form of gels, lollipops, and troches.

At Neil's Compounding Pharmacy, we pride ourselves in providing personal and professional service to each and every customer. Our goal is to promote wellness for our customers and patients through proactive nutritional and medical counseling. With our compounding lab and sterile room, we prepare medications guaranteed to meet the strict state and federal regulations.

Here at Neil’s Compounding Pharmacy, we are committed to providing the best quality and service available. We strive to provide quality products and outstanding customer service to each and every one of our patients.

Our philosophy is to make customers, patients, and physicians comfortable and happy in treating their medical issues.

We don’t boast, we don’t brag, but when you look for assistance, we’ll do whatever it takes to take care of you. And we’ll do it with the utmost in quality and customer service.

We are here for you.

Meet Our Pharmacists

Walt Neil, RPh, Owner

UNC School of Pharmacy

Neil's Compounding Pharmacy is a second generation family-owned pharmacy, with a 66 year history of delivering excellent personal service. I currently have certifications in Aseptic Compounding, Nutrition, and Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy.

Christy Aul, PharmD

Dr. Christy Aul joined our pharmacy team in September 2021 when Lake Norman Compounding Pharmacy merged with Neil's Compounding Pharmacy. She followed in her father's footsteps as a pharmacy owner and has over 12 years of compounding experience. Her passions in compounding include vet medications and hormone replacement therapy for men and women's health.

Audrey Tignor, PharmD

Virginia Commonwealth University, University of Alabama

Dr. Tignor has been practicing pharmacy since 1999 . She joined the staff at Neil's Compounding Pharmacy two years ago.

Meet Our Staff

Toni Jaramillo

Certified Pharmacy Technician since 2008

Shirley Prokop

Certified Pharmacy Technician since 2019

Helen Hyunji Kim

Certified Pharmacy Technician since 2018

Nick Gardner

Pharmacy Technician